Founded in 2010 as “Team AfterEffect”, Paper Star Studios is a small, independent development team working to create queer friendly visual novel games.


The Team



Tabby, also known as B3, is the lead writer and the head of the Paper Star Studios team. While her day job locks her in a cubicle, her passion for visual novels calls her to the indie development scene. Through thick and thin, she has kept the team going in pursuit of releasing games that convey messages of love and understanding to the queer community.

Outside her work for PSS, B3 enjoys collecting Ball-Joint Dolls and various manga titles.

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Snow is the editor for all things Paper Star Studios. He has stuck through the name changes, as well as the ups and downs of the development scene. He works tirelessly to assure that the content that the team wants to show is of the quality needed for release, and that the team doesn’t get too off-base. He is also, in general, a pretty pleasant guy.

Snow is also active in the gaming community.





Rebecca Scoble is an accomplished composer and sound designer who worked closely with B3 in previous projects. Her talent for capturing the essence of a character through song makes her an indispensable asset to the team.
Becca is one of the founders of Sparkler Monthly and works on a personal music project, Colors and Chords.

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Fuu shares B3’s passion for the queer community as well as a fascination with all things 1’s and 0’s. Her skill in programming comes from a decade of curiosity, a love for the medium, and steadfast efforts to one day produce a game of her dreams.
Outside of programming, Fuu is active in the midwest convention circuit and several roleplaying communities. She also loves birds.

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Office worker by day, comic enthusiast by night, Capo is a cartoonist with an interest in Japanese pop culture. Outside of working with Paper Star Studios, she runs a weekly podcast discussing a multitude of hot topics, including western comics, anime and manga, and LGBTQ+ topics.

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Romy is an artist who routinely does work for Sparkler Monthly’s Tokyo Demons. She provides supplementary artwork for Paper Star Studios, particularly the chibis of the characters. She is fond of both creepy and cute things and has a cat aptly named Kat.

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Myst provides logos and interface art for Paper Star Studios. She has done work for many pet sites, and is popularly known for her musical endeavors with Studio VOXYZ. She is also the creator of the UTAU Aiko Kikyuune.

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Tomo is an accomplished artist and has graciously offered his skills to the studio. His work can be seen in the jam game NAOMI and in upcoming projects.



GuttedHen: Art for Simple Answers.