Released Projects


Story: Tabby • Editor: Snow • Art: Cap o’ Rushes • Colors: Romy/Tomo •  Music: Rebecca Scoble •  Code: Fuu


ce138911b6187b59960c7e2b120f25f8_originalTaisei, a vocalist in the boy band 4LIGHT, is known for his poppy, electric stage persona. But that persona is just a mask to cover one major insecurity of his; he only started singing to keep up with his childhood friend, Shou. When both boys were scouted in high school, they began to drift apart, and Taisei has watched Shou — with his superior voice but weaker stage presence — flounder in his own band. Taisei hates that he has the career his best friend deserves.

Suffocated by the restrictive life of a pop idol he never truly wanted, Taisei tries to reconnect with Shou… Only to find that Shou has also changed under the glitz and lights of the stage. Taisei isn’t sure what to think of this new Shou… At least, until he kisses him.

Out of Sync is a boy’s love visual novel with idol themes. It was released as part of Sparkler Monthly‘s Year 4 lineup.

  • Free Version (16+): Available through Sparkler and
  • Complete Version (17+): Available through Sparkler’s Cherry Bomb for 4.99USD.
    • Contains NSFW scenes, a CG gallery, and a 50 page booklet with bonus artwork and script preview.




Story: Tabby • Editor: Snow • Art: GuttedHen • BG: GuttedHen/Tabby •  Music: Rebecca Scoble •  Code: Fuu



Akane and Ruriko are– were lovers, each influencing the other in ways they didn’t realize. With their new found love, their loneliness turned to security and happiness, a comfort no one could replicate.

Ruriko had dreams– things to work for. Akane focused on surviving and finding herself, content to stay put. Things begin to fall apart when Ruriko’s new idol contract drive them inexorably apart.

Months later, Ruriko finally gets a break from her idol career. Desperate for an actual conversation, Akane invites her to take a hike in the woods like they used to. Will they find what they’ve needed all this time, or will it all fall apart?

Simple Answers is a side story to the ongoing brain project of Paper Star Studios, Vibrant Color, and was created for the #YuriJam event. You can download the game for free here.



Story: Tabby • Editor: Snow • Art: Tomo • BG: Auro-Cyanide •  Music: David MacLeod •  Code: Tabby


QLVrPdNaomi is sixteen years old, a Japanese American with a name that’s read as being far more feminine here than what her parents were going for. This wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for the fact that she was technically born a boy, even if she’s never identified that way. She dresses as she likes only when she’s alone, in the dead of night.

NAOMI is a short story about Naomi, her friend Haiden, and a situation that makes her heart stop.

This game deals with topics of transphobia and suicide. Please be aware of this prior to playing.

NAOMI is a game created prior to the name change of the team as part of’s #JamForLeelah. It can be downloaded for free here.