Cat House

College student Ashton never expected the aunt he barely remembered from childhood to leave him an inheritance, especially not her huge, old mansion. With only an address and a note that says “Cat House,” Ashton isn’t sure what to expect.

When he arrives, two things become apparent: First, he’s inherited a brothel.

Second, his aunt’s death was a murder.

The Cat House is home to six demailouros, a magical race of cat people. They all have their own reasons for staying despite the brothel’s owner being dead, but they all know something about Madeline’s murder too. Between managing the schedules of the brothel workers and the sparks that inevitably fly, can Ashton navigate his relationships with these cats and find out what really happened to his aunt, or will he find himself facing the same fate?

Out of Sync

Taisei, a vocalist in the boy band 4LiGHT, is known for his poppy, electric stage persona–a mask he wears over an angry insecurity. He only started singing to keep up with his childhood friend Shou. When both boys were scouted in high school, they began to drift apart, and Taisei has watched Shou–with a superior voice but weaker stage presence–flounder in his own band. Taisei hates that he has the career his best friend deserves.

Suffocated by the restrictive life of a pop idol he never truly wanted, Taisei tries to reconnect with Shou…only to find that Shou has¬†also¬†changed under the glitz and lights of the stage. Taisei isn’t sure what to think of the new Shou–at least, until Shou kisses him.